Walk200b ABPM

Ambulatory ABPM recorder based on oscillometric method able to monitor the patient for 24 hours or more.

WALK200b has an innovative auto-feedback adjustment system for cuff pressure to grant patient comfort.

WALK200b connects to PC via Bluetooth technology or USB for test preparation and data downloading.

  • User manual
  • USB software back-up memory stick
  • Standard cuff
  • Pouch
  • Alkaline Battery AA 1.5 Volt
  • Warranty, 24 months
  • Walk200b ABPM package USB
  • Walk200b ABPM package Bluetooth
  • Walk200b ABPM package USB and Bluetooth
  • Cubesuite viewer
  • cuff for Walk200b, small
  • cuff for Walk200b, medium
  • cuff for Walk200b, large
  • cuff for Walk200b, extra large
  • USB/Bluetooth dongle for class 1 PC and extension cable
  • Cuff for Walk200b
  • Walk200b belt pouch
  • Under cuff bands (50 strap roll)