ECG Data Management System

Extensive connectivity and integration possibilities (DICOM / HL7)



Cardioline’s ECGWebApp is an innovative, state of the art web-based application for multimodality ECG reporting and storage.

Accredited End-Users are given access through any Internet browser, with no need for individual PC-based installation.

ECGWebApp receives ECGs that have been completed and transmitted by Cardioline devices and other competitor devices, storing them on its database.

ECGWebApp is a very flexible and powerful tool, scalable to complex environments and operational in a variety of situations, from a wide Internet infrastructure to a local network (intranet).

User archive function provides for who can access ECG WebApp and perform various operations based on authorizations associated with each (for example, test reports, patient data management, etc.).

ECGWebApp is perfectly suitable for any scenario, from complex e-health networks to hospital archives and private practice offices.

  • ECGWebApp software
  • Leaflet
  • Administrator guide
  • USB dongle hardware license key
  • ECGWebApp
  • ECGWebApp ABPM
  • 1-5 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • 6-10 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • 11-20 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • 21-30 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • Unlimited (Unlimited User)
  • Full (vers.Unlimited & Option included)
  • GDPR Option
  • DICOM Option
  • HL7 Option
  • MAIL Option
  • PDF Option
  • Qualified digital signature option
  • ECGWebApp Reporting