ECGWebApp Holter

Potente ed intuitivo con numerose funzioni di pre-elaborazione


ECGWebApp Holter

Cardioline ECGWebApp Holter is a web database, GDPR compliantmanaging the full Holter workflow, from the execution of the recording to the final reading.

Both the uploading stations – where the recordings are prepared and uploaded – and the reading stations, can be placed anywherewithin the health institution, or even outside.

It is now possible for a multi-building institution to have recordings discharged and exams analysed from different locations, even from the cardiologist’s own home.

This “licence free” architecture is pivotal in health organizations where remote review is the most important business factor, such as in all Telemedicine applications.

ECGWebApp Holter  allows full management of the Holter procedure.

It is possible to: receive work liststest in raw data format in ECGWebApp Holter from a recording station (via WebUploader), download a test from ECGWebApp to review it with Cubeholter Web software (locally installed on the reviewing station), save the reviewed test in ECGWebApp in raw data format with its analysis and final report in PDF so it is always available online for consultation.

  • ECGWebApp Holter software
  • USB dongle hardware license key
  • Cubeholter Web
  • Leaflet
  • Administrator guide
  • 1-5 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • 6-10 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • 11-20 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • 21-30 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • Unlimited (Unlimited User)
  • Full (vers.Unlimited & Option included)
  • GDPR Option
  • DICOM Option
  • HL7 Option
  • MAIL Option
  • PDF Option
  • Qualified digital signature option
  • ECGWebApp Reporting