Basic equipment of CARDIOCONSOLE includes a notebook with pre-installed software, dedicated trolleycarry case for the devices, and a wide range of technical support services.

Supports recording, transmission and reporting for telemedicine applications. This solution can be interfaced with either Cardioline’s WebApp or TIM’s Home Doctor (Italian Telecom), while also supporting certain blood parameters associated with Roche Diagnostics POCT line of devices. 

Complete package of devices, ease of use, robust device design, highly portable and GDPR compliant.

Optionally, multiparametric monitoring of certain blood parameters tied to Roche Diagnostics devices.

Innovative service model applications available, combining acquired test results with cardiology reading services to provide end to end customer solutions.

Cardioconsole Silver

  • Cardioconsole SilverECG
  • Cardioconsole SilverHOLTER
  • Cardioconsole SilverABPM
  • Cardioconsole SilverHOLTERPLUS

Cardioconsole Gold

  • Cardioconsole GoldECG+HOLTER
  • Cardioconsole GoldECG+ABPM
  • Cardioconsole GoldHOLTER+ABPM
  • Cardioconsole GoldECG+HOLTERPLUS
  • Cardioconsole GoldABPM+HOLTERPLUS

Cardioconsole Platinum

  • Cardioconsole Platinum ECG+ABPM+HOLTER
  • Cardioconsole Platinum ECG+ABPM+HOLTERPLUS