elife700 is a biphasic Monitor/Defibrillator for advanced monitoring and resuscitation functions.

elife700 incorporates a wide screen displaying ECG signal, monitoring parameters, information and user guide messages.

Monitoring function allows 4.5 seconds visualization (9 in cascaded mode) of the patient’s ECG picked up via of 3, 5 and 10 lead patient cable, reusable external paddles or multifunction disposable electrodes.

elife700 has a user-configurable high resolution thermal recorder, for printing waveforms and notes relating to the utilization.

The unit can operate with NiMH rechargeable batteries, connected to a supply AC mains or connected to a car battery.

The remaining battery capacity is displayed in the top part of the screen. When the device is connected to an external power supply (AC mains or car battery) the battery is charged, by means of an internal charger, independently of whether the device is switched on or off.

At start-up and during the utilization, it carries out a number of self-tests for detecting any malfunction or anomalous condition.

elife700 is available in two versions:

  • Manual
  • Manual/AED

Manual version

elife700 provides a defibrillation shock by means of an truncated exponential type biphasic pulse. The energy of this pulse is transmitted to the patient via external reusable paddles or multifunction disposable electrodes that connect to the device and to the bare chest of the patient.

When operating in Synchronized Cardioversion mode, biphasic defibrillation shock can be synchronized with the R wave of the patient’s ECG.

In the Manual version, defibrillation shock can be simply applied by three steps: (1) select the energy, (2) charge, (3) shock.

Manual & AED Version

In manual/AED version elife700 analyzes ECG of the patient, and determines if the rhythm analyzed can be defibrillated. During the whole process, the device displays on-screen text messages, and provides audible messages by means of a loudspeaker situated in its front part.

In AED mode, all information are automatically stored in a Compact Flash Card, including ECG signal, clinical parameters and alarms; the last 100 events of defibrillation, pacing or printing are also memorised.

All information can be easily downloaded and analysed on PC.

Each version can be equipped with the following options:

  • Transcutaneous  External Pacemaker option. 
  • Pulse oximetry (SpO2) option

Pacemaker Option

Integrated pacemaker for external stimulation both fixed or on demand.

This option adds to the unit cardiac pacing features, with programmable stimulation rate and current.

Pulse Oximetry Option

Pulse oximetry with SIMS BCI transducer.

This option offers oxygen saturation monitoring by displaying on the screen the percentage value of SpO2 and the plethysmographic waveform, in combination with HR value and electrocardiographic waveforms.
Intended use Accessories supplied Options

Intended use

elife700 is indicated for use in hospital and out-of-hospital environments by medical personnel who have been specially qualified by training in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS) techniques or in any other type of emergency situations response techniques recognised by the competent authority.

elife700 must be used on a single patient at a time.

Accessories supplied

Manual Version

Code Description Qty

Power supply cable  1
63050089 Patient cable – 5 leads 1
  User Manual 1
69701603 Rechargeable battery 1
63040019 External paddles (adult/paediatric) 1
R8930534 Disposable cable and electrodes for defi. 1
  ECG paper roll, 50mmx30m 1
66030035C Disposable snap electrodes, 25 pcs 1
66020002 ECG electrode gel, 260ml 1

Manual & AED Version

Code Description Qty

Power supply cable 1
63050089 Patient cable – 5 leads 1
69701603 Rechargeable battery  1
63040019 External paddles (adult/paediatric) 1
R8930534 Disposable cable and electrodes for defi. 1
  ECG paper roll, 50mmx30m 1
63090632 Compact Flash 256Mb 1
66030035C Disposable snap electrodes, 25 pcs  1
ECG electrode gel, 260ml 1
  User Manual 1



Code Description
63090223 ECG Visor analysis sw (for AED Version only)

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