Cubestress Lite HD+ Configuration

Cubestress Lite HD+ Configuration is a commercial configuration for stress test composed of dedicated software Cubestresst Lite and the new HD+ ECG acquisition unit, light and compact, equipped with wireless technology for connecting to PC.

The system is based on high performance software capable of handling a wide range of ergometers and easy management of the stress exam.

The real time 12-lead ECGs  are stored in the database as 10 seconds strips related to the different phases of the test.

Cubestress Lite can be used on a single workstation or in a network based on Windows.™

  • Cubestress manual
  • HD+ user manual
  • Digital trolley (double shelf)
  • All-in-one PC  with touch screen and keyboard
  • CD rom software
  • USB software back-up memory stick
  • ECG acquisition unit HD+
  • HD+ 10 wire IEC snap patient cable
  • Dispos. Stress Test electr. snap, 50 pcs
  • Alkaline battery AAA 1.5 volt (1 pc)
  • Pouch for HD+
  • Warranty, 24 months
  • system stress lite digital HD+ AHA
  • TouchECG Software
  • Laser B/N printer option (with digital solution trolley shelf)
  • Digital System battery option
  • Set of 4 periph. ECG electr. clamp Ag/Agl
  • Set of 4 periph. ECG electr. neutral clamp Ag/Agl
  • Set of 4 periph. ECG electr. pediatric clamp Ag/Agl
  • Set of 6 periph. ECG electr. suction chest Ag/agcl
  • 10 snap/tab electrode adaptors for 4mm plug ECG cable
  • ECG electrode gel, 260 ml
  • ECG patient cable IEC, 10 wire, plug
  • ECG patient cable IEC, 10 wire, snap
  • Silicone protective shell for HD+
  • Pouch for HD+
  • Digital system trolley
  • Adapter for USB/RS232
  • Disposable Stress Test snap electrodes, 50 pcs