Cardioline is undoubtedly a key historical provider of solutions for reading services operating in the pharmacy market segment, as well as for pharmacies offering telecardiology services. Starting 2019, Cardioline increased its presence in the pharmacy market segment through an important partnership with Telecom Italia TIM (the major Italian TLC provider) and Roche Diagnostics (the largest world provider of lab analysis solutions), becoming their major provider of technology in the clinical cardiology area. The main result of the program was the development and introduction of CardioConsole and CardioPack, two turnkey end-to-end solutions able to support resting ECG, holterECG and ABPM recording and remote reading, allowing a much more efficient and simpler telecardiology service to patients.

touchECG System config. HD+

touchECG System config. HD+ is the 12-lead Bluetoooth acquisition unit, light and convenient to use, integrated with tablets and smartphones (Android version) or with a PC (Windows version).

Totally integrable with hospital PACS and HIS through DICOM data flow, the system provides an excellent means of ECG acquisition for emergency situations which require a high degree of mobility as well as everyday use in a hospital practice.


Ambulatory ABPM recorder based on oscillometric method able to monitor patients for 24 hours or more.

Walk200b has an innovative auto-feedback adjustment system for cuff pressure to grant patient comfort.



Next generation ECG Holter recorder – High resolution recordings with sampling rate of 250 samples/second for 24/48 hours or one week (7 day Option).

5 or 7 wire patient cable.

Voice recorder patient identification.



Next generation 3-12 lead ECG Holter recorder – High resolution recordings with user selectable sampling rates of 250/500/1000 samples/second up to 7 days and to 1000 Hz.

5/7/10 wire patient cable options for 3 to 12 lead recordings.

Light and small: only 100g for maximum patient comfort.


Cardioconsole is a commercial configuration wich includes a notebook with pre-installed software, dedicated trolleycarry case for the devices, and a wide range of technical support services. Supports recordingtransmission and reporting for telemedicine applications.


CardioPack is a commercial configuration, it can be configured as required by each user, the perfect solution for cardiac monitoring in the home or the presence of mobile needs such as ambulance services.