Medical Specialists

Cardioline provides a number of different diagnostic solutions for the medical specialist or for small groups of physicians. For resting ECG a few different devices are available, from small and portable, to full size to be used in the lab, to totally digital and as mobile as a tablet or a smartphone. The ecgs taken can be stored in the EasyApp, a PC software that provides an easy archive for diagnostic ECGs. At a higher level, the Cardioline ECG webApp private can be used as web database, providing the big advantage of storing and retrieving ECGs virtually from anywhere. Holter recordings, ABPM data, as well as stress reports can also be stored in the same database.



The portable 12 lead ECG for your medical practice

The ECG 100L has been designed for total portability and ease of use, without compromising Cardioline’s recognized quality standards.


The full format 12 lead ECG for your medical practice

The ECG 200L has been designed to provide simple and fast 12 lead resting ECG acquisition for the private practice.



The 12 lead ECG for your department.

Effective and powerful 12 lead diagnostic Electrocardiograph, optimizes Hospital ECG workflow thanks to a smart user interface and seamless data integration.


The full format 12 lead ECG for your department.

Quick ECG acquisition for fast and easy operation. Highly accurate measurements exceeding the most stringent standards and international recommendations

touchECG System config. HD+

touchECG System config. HD+ is the 12-lead Bluetoooth acquisition unit, light and convenient to use, integrated with tablets and smartphones (Android version) or with a PC (Windows version).

Totally integrable with hospital PACS and HIS through DICOM data flow, the system provides an excellent means of ECG acquisition for emergency situations which require a high degree of mobility as well as everyday use in a hospital practice.


Clickholter ECG

Next generation ECG Holter recorder – High resolution recordings with sampling rate of 250 samples/second for 24/48 hours or one week (7 day Option).

5 or 7 wire patient cable.

Voice recorder patient identification.



Next generation 3-12 lead ECG Holter recorder – High resolution recordings with user selectable sampling rates of 250/500/1000 samples/second up to 7 days and to 1000 Hz.

5/7/10 wire patient cable options for 3 to 12 lead recordings.

Light and small: only 100g for maximum patient comfort.


Cubeholter Software

Cubeholter is a next generation Holter analysis software, designed for fast and reliable review of multi-day ECG recordings. Workflow is streamlined and operations are simplified, from recorder preparation to printing of the final report.


Ambulatory ABPM recorder based on oscillometric method able to monitor patients for 24 hours or more.

Walk200b has an innovative auto-feedback adjustment system for cuff pressure to grant patient comfort.

ECGWebApp Private

Cardioline’s ECG WebApp Private is an application software able to receive patient tests (Resting ECG, Holter, Stress Exercise and ABPM) performed with standard devices (from Cardioline or certain other manufacturers) via the Internet.

The raw data/reports are acquired through standard devices that, appropriately configured, are transmitted via the Internet to ECGWebApp which in turn collects and saves them in its own secure database.


ECG EasyApp is a basic version of Cardioline’s ECG Web application allowing the import / export of ECG exams via network, management and storage of patient files, along with review of ECG exams performed with Cardioline ECG devices.