Since the introduction of 12 lead diagnostic ECG in ambulances, the mortality rate for STEMI has decreased consistently due to the fact that diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction is done sooner, with the patient sent by the quickest path to the hemodynamic lab, short cutting the Emergency Department with its inevitable delays. The patient is treated in a much timelier manner compared to going through regular emergency admission, saving irreplaceable heart muscle, as well as many lives. The HD+ from Cardioline, combined with the WebApp management of the ECGs recorded in ambulances, is an ideal solution for any Cardiac Emergency project intended to reduce the cardiac infarction Mortality.

touchECG System config. HD+

touchECG System config. HD+ is the 12-lead Bluetoooth acquisition unit, light and convenient to use, integrated with tablets and smartphones (Android version) or with a PC (Windows version).

Totally integrable with hospital PACS and HIS through DICOM data flow, the system provides an excellent means of ECG acquisition for emergency situations which require a high degree of mobility as well as everyday use in a hospital practice.


ECGWebApp is an application software able to receive patient tests (Resting ECG, Holter, Stress Exercise and ABPM) performed with standard devices (from Cardioline or certain other manufacturers) via the Internet.