Cardioline Today

Since the early ‘60s, generations of physicians in Italy and abroad have chosen the electrocardiograph “Cardiolina” as a partner in their practice, whether private or hospital-based.

More than 400,000 units, sold in 60 countries worldwide have made the Cardioline brand so well-known it is considered a synonym for an electrocardiograph which is portable, robust and reliable.

Today Cardioline is building a new era of international success based on the typical values of being “made in Italy”: technology, design, quality.


Everyone should have access to the best medical diagnosis and treatment procedures, regardless of where they live in the world.


Cardioline is intent on playing a key role in the improvement of global healthcare by providing solutions for bringing the best possible standard of care to every location.


Cardioline’s goal is to build an accessible, sustainable healthcare system providing physicians with reliable tools to give the most professional medical support available.

Brian Brenegan
Chief Executive Officer
Brian Brenegan
Fabio Rangoni
President, Co-Founder
Fabio Rangoni
Sandra Antoniazzi
VP of Italian Sales, Co-Founder
Sandra Antoniazzi
Emanuele Ercoli
Emanuele Ercoli
David Lombardi
Director of Research & Development
David Lombardi

Cardioline history


CubeStress, a new stress exercise platform is released to the market.


CubeHolter, the world’s first web-based Holter platform is developed. Cardioline inaugurates its first foreign production line in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Release of Cardioline ECG WebApp, a revolutionary multimodality ECG management system based on the Web, providing easy access from anywhere, inside or outside the health organization (ambulances, primary care centers).  


Release of TouchECG digital ECG using Bluetooth data transmission for “Windows” and “Android” platforms.


Release of high connectivity ECG series + and S line electrocardiographs.


Operating control is taken over by Cardioline S.p.A with plans to maintain and strengthen the historic brand and the desire to transform new innovations into the product portfolio.


Elettronica Trentina is born and enters the market with the first Cardioline branded electrocardiograph.  Over 400,000 devices have been sold in more than 60 countries, making the Cardioline brand famous in Italy and worldwide.